Artificial Intelligence


A unique group of digital innovators and investors working with governments of developing nations to deploy next generation Artificial Intelligence to empower education

AI Solutions

Transforming Global Learning

Building AI for developing nations that trasnforms lives and helps advance UNESCO's mission to lead the Global Education 2030 agenda through Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Investors and Backers

Gregory Keough, a leading figure in the tech industry. Gregory's name is synonymous with innovation, having founded multiple successful companies in Internet, FinTech, and Blockchain space. His vision extends beyond entrepreneurship; he's a digital savant with a knack for transforming traditional business through technology.

Digital Innovation has the demonstrated power to compliment, enrich, and transform education and can excelerate progress towards Sustainable Goal 3 (SG3). Through Korungel Mr. Keough and a team of international investors look to ll explore avenue with the integration of AI in order to enhance the education system. Through Kroungles AI gamification of learning Kornugle will transform the education system in many developing nations. Making learning more engaging and fun preparing the worlds future leaders.